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The R&D Team

Iván Guzmán de Rojas

followed the career of Industrial Engineering at the University in La Paz, Bolivia and also studied applied mathematics. Thanks to a fellowship from the Alexander vom Humboldt Foundation he got engaged in research work in physics at the Kernphysikalishes Institute in Bonn. Later he switched to informatics working as an international Information Systems Consultant and organized various computer centers. He speaks Spanish, English and German and he is a knower of the old Andean language Aymara.

As a hobby, from 1979 to 1984 he developed the first multilingual translator prototype which was presented in March 1985 in Washington at the OAS, running in a Wang VS multi-user machine, and later used at the Panama Canal Administration.

Since 1986 with the important participation of Gladys and Marcel the team was able to develop an operational version of ATAMIRI which was successfully tested at various translation centers using Wang Vs machines. In 1988 the team started to migrate ATAMIRI to C language and to open platforms with DOS under Novel and Windows operating systems. This version was run in a pilot operation at Bull, Paris.

In 1991 he was invited by CompuServe to participate in a machine translation benchmark with ten other software developers. The results were positive but the lack of funding made it impossible for the team to compete commercially. For the same reason the R&D team scattered in other activities and ATAMIRI remained alive only in a translation service via e-mail.

Currently he works for the Bolivian Electoral Court, where he conducts the voters and civil registry informatization project.

Gladys Dávalos

studied Germanistic at the Universität Köln in Germany. She teaches German and English. Besides she writes in Spanish poetry and tales for children.

In the ATAMIRI project she has conducted the translators team in the lexicographic tasks. She has introduced specialized terminology in Spanish, Portuguese, English and German and evaluated drafts to improve translation quality. She also speaks French.

Currently she manages the translation center, conducts the post-editing task and works further in lexical enrichment at our translation service.

Marcel Guzmán de Rojas

has studied Industrial Engineering at the Universidad Autánoma Metropolitana in Mexico. He speaks Spanish, English and German.

Marcel is an expert C programer and data base software developer. He conducts GUZRAL, a software house dedicated to develop and implement applications using their own multi-platform data base manager called SID, which is used by ATAMIRI.

Marcel has contributed to ATAMIRI doing the whole programing work of the current version. He migrated into C the original programs I wrote in Basic and PLI for the VS Wang platform. He also participated in ATAMIRI's lexicographic and grammatical data base design.