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You are invited to participate
 in the Qopuchawi

A messenger with simultaneous translation,
at your service

Under the auspicies of our sponsors Unión Latina Paris and NEOTEC La Paz, our tiny Language Engineering R&D group has updated ATAMIRI to enable this test operation in the Web. The current version covers all 42 translation directions for the Latin languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Rumanian and also for English and German.

We are aware that during this initial operation, some translation directions are better in quality and lexico than others. Please take it with humor and trust we are permanently working to improve translation quality in the implemented languages. The system's potential capabilty has not yet been fully exploited.

"Qopuchawi" means in antique Aymara the site where "qopuchasiña" takes place; i.e. chating in a circle of persons; "qopucha" is the chat itself and "qopu" is the group of persons chating in the circle where each and every one has the same right to be heard. We intend to contribute for the Web to become a global real "qopuchawi", without language primacies which are indeed barriers.